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David’s been super helpful on more fronts than just adwords! Business is slammed all day and I’m making money. I know several locksmiths he works with and they all recommended him. It’s been a great experience  I super appreciate it all and is well worth the money.

Kenneth Degenhardt

Owner, Keyworx

David Edwards is my Adwords manager and let me tell ya ive been tru alot of these type of PPC gurus. After working together and fine tuning my adwords david has brought down my monthly spending and my calls have increased. 

Jose Hernandez

Owner, Chicago Car Keys

Just want to give David Edwards a big huge thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. You sir are a miracle worker. Anyone who is having any issues with Google Adwords  this guy is definitely the one who ask.  He literally saved our asses. Excuse the language but its how i feel. Without him we would of sank.

Jeremy Falley

Co-Owner, Quality Key Locksmithing

“I honestly appreciate you so much. I’ll deff be letting anyone know to get ahold of you for ads. I went from 0 calls to a $1500 day today so far. You’ve exceeded my expectations. PLEASE keep it up man lol”

Xavier Gonzalez

Owner, XG Lock N Key

“I was designing and implementing my own online advertising with poor results and high costs. I wanted to find someone to monitor and grow my online presence while beings as efficient as possible with cost. I have used people in the past that promise the world but deliver a globe. The number one thing that is indicative of results is the phone ringing. Now it does.”

Guy Caskey

Owner, Irmo Lock and Key