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Hey there! Nice to “meet” you. My name is David and I help companies get more sales by generating them leads using Google Adwords. As of this writing, I’m managing $20,000 dollars of adspend every month for dozens of companies in several different industries, and generating thousands of leads each month… I have the experience to help you.

  • Start generating high quality leads within 7 business days
  • Constantly working to lower your cost per lead so you keep more profit
  • Provide consistent leads you can count on to grow your business fast

See if you qualify to work with me, fill out this application and let’s talk

Why Adwords

It’s a mind set. When i was 18 I sold Kirby vacuums door to door for a year. 6 days a week I was out there for 12 hour days banging on doors, hustling.

That experience was not fun.

Thats why I appreciate Google Adwords, because the customers come to you. They are searching for your business. They need and want your services. You don’t have to cold call, network, or bang on doors to find them.

I discovered direct marketing and Perry Marshall’s book The Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords in 2009 and right away new that’s what I wanted to do.

I went on to be one of only a few hundred students to take his local business adwords training and have since developed my own highly effective methods.

Work With MeĀ 

If you are looking to generate more sales and grow business but aren’t getting enough leads or the kind of quality leads you need than let’s setup a time to talk. I can’t guarantee I will take you on as a client but if nothing else you’ll get some really helpful info! You can get started here