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We Help Locksmiths Get More Jobs and Better ROI With Google Ads

Google Ads doesn’t have to be a frustrating or disappointing. You can get the kind of jobs you want… Let us make it work for your Locksmith business

 Profitable Google Ads Campaigns For Locksmiths and Service Based Businesses

Since 2017 we’ve building and scaling profitable Google Ads campaigns for Locksmith clients. Not only will your campaigns be profitable, but we can also get you the type of jobs you actually want and avoid wasting money on jobs you don’t. Our winning Google Ads formula has been forged in some of the most competitive cities in the USA and if we can’t make Google Ads for you… no one can

Proven Keywords

When it comes to Google Ads your campaigns are only as good as the keywords your targeting. We have proven, carefully curated keyword lists that bring you the kind of jobs you want

Proven Landing Pages

So some one clicks your ad, now what? Do they call you or not. The page they see matters. We’ve developed high converting locksmith pages that turn clicks into phone calls. We have proven pages for the services you want to promote

Quick Results

When we setup your campaigns you can typically expect to start getting calls immediately and if you dont for any reason we work aggressively until you do. If we can’t make Google Ads work for your locksmith business… no one can

Featured Case Study: Irmo Lock and Key

Irmo Lock and Key was struggling hard to make Goole Ads work. The previous account manager had done a poor job and the owner, Guy, was trying to put the pieces together when he found me. Within the first month he was getting 5 times as many phone calls as he was before without increasing his budget a single penny. The biggest issues found where the Google Ads campaign setup and not using landing pages. Today he regularly receives over 200 phone calls per month and business is growing!

Why Choose Us?

Our Tested and Proven Google Ads Formula Specifically For Locksmiths

Our High Converting Landing Pages and Ad Copy For Locksmiths

Our Dedication and Experience To Make Google Ads Work For You

Available By Phone, Email and FB Messenger and Responsive To Your Needs and Concerns

Affordable Setup and Monthly Management Fees

Month To Month Management - No Contracts

Real Time Marketing Dashboard and Weekly Progress Reports By Email

Advanced Call Recording Software Included

Click Cease Click Fraud Account Included

24/7 Account Monitoring With PPCSamurai

What Kind Of Jobs Do You Want? 

Car Keys? Residential? Commercial? We have proven campaigns for all of them and more. Fill Out This Form and I Will Contact You

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“David has the touch! I was a little hesitant to jump into Adwords. Fear of spending too much, wasted clicks, and intense scammer competition. However, David was reassuring and his guarantee helped. I decided to try and I am pleasantly surprised. I realize now that it is an investment that will provide a return. This is not a waste of money, it is a permanent part of our marketing budget.”

Sam Wilson

Owner, American Lock and Key

“I was designing and implementing my own online advertising with poor results and high costs. I wanted to find someone to monitor and grow my online presence while beings as efficient as possible with cost. I have used people in the past that promise the world but deliver a globe. The number one thing that is indicative of results is the phone ringing. Now it does.”

Guy Caskey

Owner, Irmo Lock and Key

“David’s been super helpful on more fronts than just adwords! Business is slammed all day and I’m making money. I know several locksmiths he works with and they all recommended him. It’s been a great experience  I super appreciate it all and is well worth the money.”

Kenneth Degenhardt

Owner, Keyworx Locksmith

Our Secret Weapon… We Use PPC Samurai To Optimize and Monitor Our Clients Campaigns

Only Available To Those Agencies That Have Proven Their Proficiency With Google Ads. It Also Allows Us To Share Promotions With Our Clients